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Which STEM course is the right one for you?


Aoife Walsh, a highly experience guidance counsellor

Aoife Walsh, a highly experience guidance counsellor

Aoife Walsh, a highly experience guidance counsellor

Careers in Science, Technology (including computers and ICT) Engineering and Maths are often grouped together under the umbrella term STEM.

The popularity of these courses has grown greatly in recent years and the number of courses available has increased with it.

Students can study at levels 6,7 and 8 and many courses offer students at levels 6 and 7 the opportunity to progress to Level 8.

There can be much overlap in these courses and students need to research each of them carefully before making a decision.

The tables here list hundreds of courses with a strong STEM content and students may find the lists useful while researching and comparing their options.

Courses are listed by discipline area, rather than by college, and so provide an at-a-glance guide to choices across different institutions.

The tables take into account recent changes in the CAO and, as a further guide, are accompanied by the 2014 Round One points. However, points can vary from year to year.

The lists are not exhaustive and new courses are announced all the time. Students can find information on any new courses that will be available for application for the academic year starting autumn 2015 on cao.ie. Some courses may fit into more than one area and some, such as health care, have not been included.

Many courses, even in the art/humanities area, also have a technology element, so it is very important that students research all areas carefully.

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