Wednesday 18 September 2019

Top of the range: €11,591 cost of staying in priciest student accommodation


Roebuck Castle student accomodation in UCD. Photo: Frank McGrath
Roebuck Castle student accomodation in UCD. Photo: Frank McGrath

Gabija Gataveckaite

The crown for the most expensive university-provided student accommodation in Ireland goes to UCD's Roebuck Castle.

Priced at a cool €11,591 for the 2019-2020 academic year, it is by far the costliest college accommodation provided by an Irish university.

Roebuck Castle includes a pool table
Roebuck Castle includes a pool table

Students will have to fork out an additional €244 for the accommodation compared with last year, a 2.1pc increase.

According to UCD's website, the accommodation is "award-winning and environmentally friendly".

Here, 12 students share an apartment, while 12 provided meals a week mean 1.7 meals a day per student.

On offer are 133 single en-suite rooms, which are divided into 12 apartments. Twelve people share an apartment, with each apartment having separate rooms for a kitchen, living room and study room.

It also includes a gym
It also includes a gym

Every bedroom features a personal fridge, a single bed and standard desk, bedside locker and chair.

Pictures on a virtual tour of the accommodation on UCD's website show a standard single bedroom with grey carpet and a small bathroom.

While a "standard" single duvet and pillow are supplied for residents, they must provide their own kitchenware and linen.

Roebuck Castle provides 'catered accommodation', which includes 12 meals a week.

If a student decides to stay in the accommodation for the entire week, this equates to 1.7 meals a day. For five days a week, this becomes 2.4 meals a day, which can be claimed from a variety of cafés across the campus.

Students receive lunches from 11am to 3pm and dinner from 5pm to 7pm, which are served in the ground-floor restaurant at Roebuck Castle.

"Including catering in your accommodation fees is cost-efficient compared with campus outlets," reads a description on UCD's website.

Meals are provided to each resident in accordance with their meal plan. These include two or three options and at least one vegetarian option.

"If you have special dietary requirements (eg diabetes) or a food allergy, we will try to help.

"If you are very specific about the kind of food you like to eat, you may be better suited to self-catering accommodation," reads the description.

According to UCD's website, these are served "cafeteria style".

From the photographs, the ground floor café is depicted as a modern canteen with white benches and stools.

Students are also provided with an on-site "small" gym, if they are already members of the university gym.

They also have access to laundry facilities, pool table, Netflix, Nintendo Switch and wi-fi.

Overnight guests can be registered to stay for up to two nights at Roebuck Castle by the residents. They need to be signed in before midnight on the day they arrive or midnight on a Friday if they stay over at the weekend.

UCD did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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