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Timeframe leaves student 'frustrated' after missing first choice by two points


Student Tatum Williams hoped to study nursing in Limerick

Student Tatum Williams hoped to study nursing in Limerick

Student Tatum Williams hoped to study nursing in Limerick

A student who appealed her Leaving Cert calculated grades says it is "extremely frustrating" not knowing when the process will conclude.

Tatum Williams (19) is one of a number of pupils who have lodged an appeal with the Department of Education after she was marked down in four of her subjects.

Although the process does not look at the marking system and only examines whether the data was transferred correctly from the school to the department, Ms Williams said she wants to exhaust every avenue.

She missed out on her first CAO choice by two points after her results were downgraded from 509 to 473.

The former Limerick Tutorial College pupil says she can't understand how in some subjects she received a lower grade than in her mock exams.

"All four of my H2s were taken down to a H3," she said.

"My geography mock was a H2, I was given this mark by my teacher and yet I was awarded a H3 in my final grade. I got my second choice and I'm grateful for that, but it's still hard to miss out on my first choice as I didn't want to move away from [Limerick]."

Ms Williams was offered a place studying general nursing at University College Cork, but her first choice was the University of Limerick.

"I wanted to go to Limerick as that's where I'm based. We've no idea when we will hear back about the results of the appeal and I have until [tomorrow] to accept my offer.

"I'm currently on a student visa and you have to be enrolled in a course full-time to get your visa renewed, so deferring isn't an option."

She said some students were "shocked" by their results: "It's just difficult watching so many of us who worked so hard being downgraded because we attended a fee-paying school."

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