Thursday 23 November 2017

Therapeutic tea and a good rant were needed after 'cringe' paper

Bobbi Nic Eoin Picture: Domnick Walsh
Bobbi Nic Eoin Picture: Domnick Walsh

Bobbi Nic Eoin

The aftermath of Maths Paper 1... What was that? I'm struggling to find a sense of humour today, sadly. My soul has been ripped out, trampled on, stabbed and shot. It has torn apart any last shred of confidence and hope I had. That was too challenging.

Get ready, I'm going to complain. The examining board can't track me down, they don't know my exam number. Maths Paper 1 was so difficult.

I remember there was uproar last year because there was no financial maths. Well, this year there was financial maths and it was horrible.

They lulled us into a false sense of security with the first mini part of the question, and then boom!

I made eye contact with my friend, who sits across from me... and we both cringed.

That's what people get for complaining about the absence of financial maths last year. They will never ask for it again! What if we were relying on maths for our future career prospects?

I was terrified that I was the only one who wasn't happy with the paper but it's clearly evident from the internet that the general consensus is about the same.

Can someone calculate the downward slope that is my life? I'm trying to find examples of opinions that don't consist of 99pc profanity and swear words.

Someone sadly said that the "only thing I accomplished from today was the fact that I didn't cry in the exam hall".

And why was there trigonometry on Paper 1? I'm trying to figure out why they are experimenting with exam papers this year, they're already experimenting with our grading system.

They also tried to bring poetry into English Paper 1! It's not like we're in university yet; there are no repeats at the end of the summer.

We have to repeat a whole year of secondary school!

Repeat - the dreaded word that I'm sure is dramatically entering young pupils' minds today. It's almost as though they are playing with our futures, for what reason?

I'll admit not all of the paper was impossible, but it wasn't easy.

I'm out of steam now, my rant has come to an end.

I am a bit melodramatic, but that was such a disheartening exam.

OK it's gone. Out of mind. The negativity is over. Maybe SEC will redeem itself with a nice, simple Paper 2.

That it was Friday made yesterday just a little better. Positivity! I am going to try to hold on to that this weekend with dear life.

I thought that this week was tiring, but next week I have two tests a day!

I don't even have the stamina for one. Caffeine will be consistently consumed.

All aboard the train to "Procrastination Station" - and I hope you enjoy your journey.

I had no plans to look at any type of textbook last night. I was sitting down with a therapeutic cup of tea, repressing the urge to read back over my maths exam and cry.

It has been said that MATH stands for "Mental abuse to humans".

After that exam, I tend to strongly and fervently agree with this statement.

Bobbi Nic Eoin is a pupil at Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne, Dingle, Co Kerry

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