Sunday 22 September 2019

Technology needs more central role in education

Education Minister Richard Bruton Photo: Tom Burke
Education Minister Richard Bruton Photo: Tom Burke

Grainne Loughran

Education Minister Richard Bruton has said that digital technologies will change the role of the teacher to more of a "coach or mentor".

Speaking at the launch of 'I'm an Adult Learner 2016' by Aontas, the National Adult Learning Organisation, the minister (inset) said technology should be given a more central role in education.

"The way people describe a teacher will become as a coach and a mentor rather than someone who is directing the learning," he said.

"It does flip the way a classroom is viewed, where learners are much more shaping what they do, and they're being coached and mentored.

"That's a big change for the way people think about the classroom and I think we will have to work with teachers and with principals to help them empower the teachers.

"Teaching has to change dramatically in the future because we are all learners."

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