Friday 23 February 2018

Students get by on less than €100 a week

Nearly half of them depend on part-time work to fund themselves
Nearly half of them depend on part-time work to fund themselves

Jane O Faherty

Almost two-thirds of Irish students live on less than €100 per week and nearly half of them depend on part-time work to fund themselves, a new study has found.

The survey also revealed 34pc of students rely on their parents for support as they study. However, if going to college means more financial restrictions, there is some freedom in other areas of life.

Leaving school uniforms behind and moving away from home were cited as the two best things about being a student.

The Bank of Ireland survey showed that 64pc of students have less than €100 per week in terms of spending money.

Unsurprisingly, the shortage of funds means that 44pc now support themselves with a part-time job.

Noodles topped the poll of the worst college dinners, with 27pc of votes. The go-to ready meal was closely followed by student favourites of cereal (17pc), and beans (16pc).

And while breaking free from the ties of apron strings was a highlight of student life for many, 36pc of those surveyed said that the thing they missed most was family. And 35pc said they missed having dinner made for them.

One area where students were unanimous was when imagining their dream housemate. Ed Sheeran came out on top as the ideal roomie with 32pc of votes, while Kylie Jenner got 18pc.

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