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Students are warned not to miss out on calculated exam grades



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Almost 4,000 students have not yet applied to an online government system to have their Leaving Cert results calculated ahead of the deadline today.

By last night, 54,177 second level students had opted in to the Calculated Grades Student Portal, which closes at 4pm today.

This is 94pc of the total number of students who had been set to sit the Leaving Cert (57,970), according to a Department of Education spokeswoman.

However, the department's website states 61,000 students are in the class of 2020.

The department said a further 2,314 of Leaving Certificate Applied students have opted in to receive calculated grades.

This amounts to 83pc of the 2,772 students registered, the department added.

Education Minister Norma Foley said: "I would like to remind any Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied students that have yet to opt in to receive their calculated grades, to opt in before the deadline of 4pm (today).

"It is a very quick process. Simply log on to the Calculated Grades Student Portal.

"There is no downside to opting in to receive the grades. It is important to opt in, so that you will be able to get your grades on September 7, when they are issued."

Leaving Cert results will be issued to schools on the morning of September 7, weeks later than students would normally receive their results.

Students will be able to access their results directly via an online portal.

The results will be released at 9am and will be issued to the students and their schools simultaneously.

However, schools are being asked to provide support to students on the day, including enabling them to come to the school if they wish at a scheduled time.

They are encouraged to make staff members available by phone for students to discuss their options.

CAO offers will be made based on the calculated results on September 11, for acceptance on the September 16.

Second round offers will then be made on September 23, for acceptance on September 25.

And students wishing to appeal their results can do so from September 14.

The Leaving Cert student helpline will be running via the National Parents Council Post Primary, from September 7.

Guidance counsellors will be available to talk students through their options towards third level, work, or other educational routes.

Students can log on to gov.ie/leavingcertificate

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