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Student housing crisis: ‘We endured extortion, theft, insults, and abuse’

Nothing prepared Spanish couple for Irish rental situation, they say 


Saul Sanchez (24) and Andrea Edo (25)

Saul Sanchez (24) and Andrea Edo (25)

Saul Sanchez (24) and Andrea Edo (25)

Andrea Edo (25) and Saul Sanchez (24) are both studying applied environmental geoscience at University College Cork.

Hailing from Spain, the couple first lived in Cork, where it took them two months to find permanent accommodation – a three-bedroom flat for €2,400-a-month rent.

After nine months, they moved to Dublin where they spent two weeks “homeless” drifting from one Airbnb to the next.

They moved three times, “in which we had to endure harassment, extortion, insults, theft, abuse of power and psychological abuse”, until they found suitable accommodation.

“We spent two weeks living as homeless, from Airbnb to Airbnb, until we found our current accommodation,” Andrea said. “It goes without saying that apart from how difficult it is to find something for one person, imagine for two, and even more so if you are a couple.”

They currently share accommodation with another girl, each paying €600 a month, a price that they say could get you an entire flat in Spain.

“We had heard that it was very difficult to find accommodation in Ireland, and we were prepared for it, but the truth is that we didn’t expect it to be as difficult as it really is,” Andrea said.

“That’s why we are currently thinking about saving as much as possible and trying to buy something for ourselves: we can’t be like this every few months, it’s not a life.”

The prices being charged for rent are “abusive and exorbitant”, they said, adding that “everyone has the right to live in dignity and have accommodation.”

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