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School to bring in high-vis uniforms after road scares

A SCHOOL is to make its uniform high-vis in a bid to keep its students safe on surrounding roads which have no footpaths or street lights.

Dermot Lavin, the principal of the 305-pupil school, Gormanston College in Co Meath, said it plans to become the first school in the country to incorporate high-visibility material into its schoolwear.

He said the school has made the move after "a number of potential near misses when it is dark".

The school's transition year students yesterday launched their road safety awareness campaign highlighting the use of high-visibility material and there are calls for it to be replicated nationwide.

"There will be many more students walking to the school and using public transport to get here," said Mr Lavin, as student numbers have risen since it became a public school last September.

"The main road adjacent to the school does not have enough footpath and it has no street lighting so (pupils) are walking 600 metres on the public road."

Students have been given a high-visibility jacket to wear over their uniform and the school aims to build reflective material into the school jacket.

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