Monday 19 February 2018

Role of graphs causes surprise

JC Maths

Maths and Geography were on the menu today
Maths and Geography were on the menu today

TEACHERS described the first maths papers, at both the higher and ordinary level, as fair. It is the first year that Paper 1 is mostly based on the new Project Maths syllabus.

ASTI's Robert Chaneym who teaches in CBS Secondary School in Thurles, said higher level was "a fair paper where the principles of the new Project Maths appear throughout the paper.

"It challenged students' understanding of the syllabus but there was a notable emphasis on the use and interpretation of graphs, which was the biggest surprise certainly.

"That may have caught some students by surprise but teachers who embraced the new syllabus would have had students well prepared."

He said there were some harder questions, including Question 9, which tested students' understanding of currency exchange rates, and Question 11, an algebra question, "where the format may have caused some difficulty".

Eamonn Toland, of, thought there was a good mix of questions into which students could get their teeth.

"The question on generating prime numbers may have confused some students," he said.

At ordinary level, Mr Toland said there was too much emphasis on "puzzle-solving gimmicky questions and explanatory answers", like explaining how to do a calculation without a calculator.

"The subject matter of the real-life questions had something for everyone," he said.

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