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Results of Leaving Cert appeals will be known by October 8


Stock image. Photo: PA

Stock image. Photo: PA

Stock image. Photo: PA

The results of Leaving Cert appeals will be known by Friday October 8, according to the State Examinations Commission (SEC).

The SEC has not given a specific date for the release of the outcomes of rechecks, but says that it will be that week.

It means that any student whose appeal for an upgrade, or upgrades, is successful may be in line for a preferred college place this year.

It will depend on whether the improved result(s) makes them eligible for a CAO place that was not offered to them based on the Leaving Cert results they received on September 3.

The CAO will continue to make offers until mid-October, which means that the outcomes of the appeals will arrive in time for offers to be integrated into this year’s process. CAO Round 5 is on October 12.

Previously, the SEC advised that it could not guarantee that the appeal outcomes would be issued in time to allow for entry into a preferred college course this year.

This was because of the twin-track approach to Leaving Cert 2021, where students received accredited grades and could also sit exams, which made it difficult to predict the volume of appeals to expect.

In the event, the number of appeals is well below a typical Leaving Cert year. When the appeal application deadline passed last Monday, the SEC had received just over 5,500 appeals against individual exam results and almost 5,200 appeals against individual accredited grades.

An accredited grade appeal is confined to checking for errors in the transmission of the student data and does not allow for a review of the estimated marks awarded by the teacher/school.

Last year, when calculated grades, the 2020 version of accredited grades, were used, 33,300 results were appealed and fewer than 100 were upgraded.

An appeal against an exam result leads to a complete remarking of the subject.

In 2019, the last year of a typical Leaving Cert, 9,049 candidates appealed against 16,965 individual results. There were 2,916 upgrades

A change in the timeline for processing appeals, following a High Court ruling, led to a significant increase in applications in 2019. The previous year, 9,087 results were appealed.

The SEC is advising candidates of  the timeline by text and email today.

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