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Primary pupils 'significantly better' at maths and reading than five years ago

Irish primary pupils are significantly better at maths and reading than they were five years ago.

In fact, the first real improvements in literacy  and numeracy standards  among eight and 12 year olds in over 30 years have been recorded.

The dramatically improved performances  in both reading and maths are being seen at both the upper and lower ends of the achievement scale.

The lift in standards  is showing up in the results of the National Assessments of English  Reading and Maths,  carried out last May, published today.

The assessments are carried out every few years by the Educational Research  Centre, Drummondra,   and this is the first time since 1980 that improvements have been recorded.

The improvements are pretty conistent .  In one example, the proportion of second class pupils whose reading is at the lowest level has reduced from 35pc to 22pc while 4th are achieving at the highest level, up from 35 five years earlier.

A full analysis of the reasons for the improvements won't be ready until later this year but a number of factors are being credited with the better results. 

These include the 2011 literacy and nu.eracy strategy,  better teacher education and more resources  for disadvantaged schools and children with special needs.

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