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Postgraduate students campaign for better terms and conditions


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The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) and the trade union Siptu have joined forces to campaign for improved terms and conditions for postgraduate students who carry out teaching and other work in third level colleges.

Many postgraduates experience precarious working conditions and low pay within their higher education institutions, according to Siptu organiser Dave Curran.

USI president Loran Fitzpatrick said a survey postgraduate students over the past year unearthed “horror stories” about working conditions and lack of stability in their work.

The two organisations have drawn up a charter setting out what they expect for postgraduate students working in higher education, including pay for work and written agreements.

USI vice president for postgraduate affairs Sara Dowling said postgraduate students working in higher education were doing crucial work, and it was “unacceptable” that  they were in a “dangerous grey area” in terms of rights and protections

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