Sunday 22 April 2018

More than 14,000 school-leavers already approved for Susi grant

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Katherine Donnelly

Katherine Donnelly

More than 14,000 Leaving Certificate students getting their results tomorrow already know they have a college grant.

It is the first time that school-leavers have received grant approval before receiving a college offer.

Amidst the anxiety surrounding the release of the results and CAO Round 1, the decision, in principle, on grant applications provides certainty to students and their parents, allowing them to make definite plans over the coming days.

School-leavers normally have to wait until they get a CAO offer before being given news on a grant, but the centralised grants agency, Susi, introduced a new system this year.

Based on CAO offer and acceptance data trends, Susi is making an assumption that an applicant would receive their course of choice and, if they met the criteria for a grant, it was awarded.

Even if applicants do not get a preferred course, and accept a different offer, the grant will be paid without any further action by the student.

Grants are not paid until after students register with the college, but Susi has published a schedule for payments, the first of which will be made on September 23 for third-level students and October for those doing a post-Leaving Certificate course.

The 14,000 approvals represent more than one in four of Leaving Certificate candidates, although not all have applied for a place in college or on a PLC.

Susi has received more than 93,000 applications so far this year, about two-thirds of which have been fully processed,

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