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Leaving Cert: Students who want to do exams in November will have to sit papers in the evenings and on weekends


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Leaving Cert students who want to do the exams in November will  be sitting their papers in the evenings and weekend.

The Department of Education has today published arrangements for the delayed sitting of the June tests , which will be held subject to public health advice and engagement with education stakeholders.

Junior Cycle examinations for adult learners and early school leavers will also start in November.

The postponed Leaving Cert, starting November 16, will be open to any 2020 candidate and may appeal to anyone who is unhappy with the calculated grades they receive.

It is impossible to predict what the uptake will be, as it will depend on how students feel after receiving their grades and whether they are happy with any subsequent college offer.

There are more than 30 Leaving Cert subjects and normally the timetable extends over about three weeks.

However, in November, exams may not run in all subjects - and will depend on whether there is demand from students for a particular subject.

There will be written exams only, with no orals or practicals.

In confirming the written-only test arrangements, Education Minister Norma Foley said it would not be feasible or practical at this stage to conduct exams in oral or practical components, or to try to complete unfinished coursework.

She referred to the fact that the oral and practical components are school-based, requiring significant levels of support at school level, including the requirement to take serving teachers out of their schools to undertake state examinations work.

However arrangements are being made to combine marks from projects/coursework that students had submitted in five subjects with results from the November tests.

These are: Home Economics (already marked by the SEC); LCVP Portfolio; Design and Communication Graphics; Physical Education (PE) Physical Activity Project; Engineering.

In the extraordinary circumstances of this year, the June exams were replaced with the Calculated Grades process, with a promise of the back-up of a postponed sitting.

The calculated grades will issue on September 7 with CAO Round 1 offers following four days later on September 11.

The November sitting comes too late for students to use the results for college entry this autumn - and if they wanted to use them for that purpose they would have to wait until 2021.

Students will be able to use a combination of calculated grades and results from the November sitting to calculate points for future CAO applications.

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