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Leaving Cert students get another chance to opt for accredited grades


Stock image. Photo: PA

Stock image. Photo: PA

Stock image. Photo: PA

Leaving Cert students are getting another opportunity to opt-in in to receive accredited grades.

They don’t have to do anything now, but the State Examinations Commission (SEC) will be in touch later in the summer.

Teachers were already advised to provide estimated marks for all students as a basis for accredited grades.

But students had to “opt in” to have an accredited grade considered when the Leaving Cert results are issued.

This year, candidates could choose, on a subject by subject basis, to sit exams or receive accredited grades, or both. In the event of a difference between the grades awarded, the student would be credited with the better of the two.

Students were given two opportunities to submit their accredited grades/exam selections and about nine in 10 have already opted for an accredited grade in at least one subject.

But some who selected to sit exams only have recently contacted the State Examinations Commission (SEC) and the Department of Education seeking to opt in for accredited grades.

The SEC Candidate Self Service Portal on which they made their selections is now closed and there is no further opportunity to update choices there.

However, the issue has been reconsidered and a decision has now been made to provide another chance to candidates who have not opted for accredited grades to exercise this option later in the summer.

The SEC will contact all eligible candidates in due course and will offer them the option of receiving accredited grades.

Accredited grades are an important backup in the event that a student cannot sit an exam, or belatedly decide that they don’t want to sit a paper.

This new opportunity to opt for accredited grades does not apply to Out of School Students or to students studying subjects out of school.

These candidates had a very specific application process, under which they had to present evidence of their learning for consideration on or before May 21.

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