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Leaving Cert students get access to their class ranking


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Leaving Cert students from the class of 2020 can find out next Monday how their schools rated them against fellow pupils.

The 60,000-plus students are getting access to the class ranking submitted for them in each subject.

It is the final piece of the calculated grades jigsaw, filling out the picture for students about how they were assessed in the process that replaced the traditional June exams.

Last week, students had access to the estimated marks provided by their school as well as the final marks awarded by the calculated grades office that gave rise to their published grades.

The release of the class rank information to Leaving Cert 2020 candidates has been the subject of a bitter row between the department and the teacher unions.

Meanwhile, several thousand applicants will receive a college offer today as CAO Round 2 is released. In some cases, it will be the first offer received and, in others, it will be an offer higher up the applicant's list of preferences.

A record number of college places are available this year, including 2,225 created in recent weeks to adjust for Leaving Cert grade inflation arising from the calculated grades process.

The release of class ranking information to the class of 2020 comes despite opposition from the Association of Secondary Teachers' Ireland (ASTI) and the Teachers' Union of Ireland (TUI), who claimed it was highly sensitive and not in the interests of vulnerable students. Unions also expressed concern about the impact on teacher-student relationships

When the calculated grades process was announced, teacher unions understood that the marks and rankings they provided would be made available to students only on foot of a request under data protection legislation.

The department sought legal advice and, following receipt of that, said that it was putting in place a system to allow students to gain access to the information.

It is understood that the legal advice centres on the issue of students being entitled to their personal data.

The information will be available to students through the calculated grades student portal on Gov.ie/Leaving Certificate, in the same way that they were able to receive their marks, and without a formal data access request.

More than one in five Leaving Cert candidates - 12,292 of 60,419 - have appealed the calculated grades they received. The appeals involve 33,677 individual grades.

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