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Leaving Cert History: A 'good, fair' paper


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A good, fair paper, and students who put in a decent amount of work shouldn’t have had any difficulties, was how teacher Sean Delap described Leaving Certificate higher level history.

Mr Delap, of the Institute of Education, Dublin, said documents-based question on the Jarrow March was “very straightforward.”.

In Irish history,  Topic 3, covering the period 1912‐1949, also had two very straight forward questions on the Eucharistic Congress and Ireland during World War 2, he said.  

Another, on Anglo-Irish relations, which has previously appeared, was ”nice.”

In Irish history,  Topic 5, covering Northern Ireland between 1949‐1993,  Mr Delap felt the overall choice was not as good as Topic 3.  

While he liked the question on the civil rights movement, he described another, on the Apprentice Boys, as “a bit tricky”.

Mr Delap said some students would have been happy to see RTE appear in Topic 6, Government, economy and society in the Republic of Ireland, 1949‐1989, “as they were hoping it would come up”.

In Section 3, on Europe and the Wider World, he said there was “a very manageable question on Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Bus Boycott” and a “generous question that asked students to discuss two presidents, from Roosevelt to Regan.”

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