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Leaving Cert 2022: ‘Slightly tricky’ wording in one Classical Studies question


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Some slightly tricky wording in one question, but no curveballs and nothing to intimidate well prepared students or cause any issues, was how teacher Tadgh McHugh described the Leaving Cert Classical Studies higher level paper.

Overall, it was a “very fair exam, with an excellent spread of options in each topic”, he said.

Students of all abilities had the opportunity “to make a decent attempt at the questions and achieve their personal best,” said Mr McHugh of The Institute of Education, Dublin.

He noted that in Topic 2, Alexander the Great, there was a stand-alone battle question, a siege question, a specific event question and a character question and “students familiar with the course will have been very pleased with this choice as the content would be very familiar”.

Mr McHugh said Topic 5, Greek Drama also had a “very fair and accessible set of questions” but added that “some slightly tricky wording”, and how to distinguish between ‘fair’ and ‘reasonable’, in question 1, part (b), might have thrown some students a bit.

He said the variety of questions and the choice available in Topic 6, Ancient Epic, was excellent and accessible to all levels.

Similarly Topic 10, Roman Art & Architecture was “very approachable and provided students with plenty of opportunity to achieve high marks”.

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