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Leaving Cert 2022: PE higher level ‘delved a little more into artistic and aesthetic of performance’


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The Leaving Certificate Physical Education higher level paper was a very fair paper with lots of choice, said Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) subject representative Aoife Nash.

Ms Nash said it was “very much in line with the 2020 paper and 2021 papers.

She said it required students “to delve a little more than usual into the artistic and aesthetic criteria of performance and to define both of these”.
There was a focus on officiating for the first time, with a question that honed in on two pieces of personal attire and two pieces of equipment essential to officials/referees in carrying out their duties effectively.
“The case study was also very doable and well received by students. Questions asked here were wide ranging and covered a lot of the topics on the course. On the whole the paper was very much as predicted,” Ms Nash said.

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