Sunday 25 February 2018

It should be compulsory to learn to cook

Classroom confidentiall: Entrepreneurs Catherine Buggy and Suzanne Lynch

Classroom confidential: Catherine Buggy, on left, and Suzanne Lynch
Classroom confidential: Catherine Buggy, on left, and Suzanne Lynch

John Costello

Best friends Catherine and Suzanne, who run Boutique Bake offering a range of baking mixes, tell us how they caught the entrepreneurial bug in school.

What school did you go to?

SL: I went to Mount Anville Secondary School with Catherine.

Were you the class clown or class swot?

SL: I was neither extreme but I was probably closer to a swot.

CB: The class swot more so than the class clown, I definitely wanted to do well at school, even if I was never a straight A student!

What was your favourite subject?

SL: Home economics. That's where I got to be creative because I didn't do art in school.

CB: Art. I loved having a really creative subject to look forward to after something like maths during the day.

Were you always a budding entrepreneur?

SL: I did the Young Entrepreneur and that was my first taste of developing my first product. I styled my own Christmas cards. CB: My earliest entrepreneurial memory is of making awful smelling perfume in my garden, when I was about eight, and trying to sell it to my poor neighbours!

Tell us something naughty!

SL: Skip off afternoon study and eat an entire tub of Häagen-Dazs each in the park!

CB: I was never really naughty in school, probably the worst was skipping after-school study to hang out with my friends and eat sweets. Very wild I know!

Did any teachers have a big impact?

SL: My hockey coach, Ms Tierney, was amazing at motivating. She really got the best out of her teams.

CB: My home economics teacher, Ms Shannon. She was so patient and caring.

If you could change one thing?

SL: Nutrition and its roll in healthy living. It should be compulsory to learn how to cook.

CB: Definitely more continuous assessment and practical evaluation versus exams. I will always remember breaking out in a terrible rash all over my face during my Junior Cert, I was so nervous, it was ridiculous!

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