Thursday 22 March 2018

'It is very unfair on working parents who need childcare'

Concerned parent Rachel Quinn Photo: Tony Gavin
Concerned parent Rachel Quinn Photo: Tony Gavin

Alan O'Keeffe

Parents were worried about childcare and the educational impact of teachers' strikes as they picked up their children from school yesterday.

David Doran, whose daughter is in second year, said: "I don't think this strike is necessary. It feels like the teachers are getting on the bandwagon like the bus drivers did.

"Dialogue is needed now. It's really ridiculous that the kids are losing out and are not being educated.

"Both sides should be talking.

"It's very unfair on working parents who now have to make arrangements for their children."

Other parents who greeted their daughters outside of Holy Faith Secondary School in Clontarf, Dublin 3, also spoke of their worries.

Tony Grant, who has two daughters in the school, said: "One of my daughters is doing the Junior Cert. I would be very worried if the strikes continue for long.

"Missing five or six days' schooling because of this dispute would be a shame.

"My daughters are happy to stay at home and it feels like an extra day's holiday to them, but I hope this is solved really soon."

Rachel Quinn, who has a daughter doing the Junior Cert, said: "I'm not too happy about all this.

"There must be a way of solving this without disrupting schools.

"This is not good for pupils who are in exam years. I'm very worried the strike could happen on the other dates too.

"Children already have so much time off from school. It's really very unnecessary.

"I work in the private sector. If people go on strike in the private sector, they could get fired."

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