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'I might have to live in a caravan so that I can go to college'



Looking for a home: Mature student Leslee Crowe

Looking for a home: Mature student Leslee Crowe

Looking for a home: Mature student Leslee Crowe

A mature student in Galway who is starting a course at NUIG next month is considering living in a caravan 40 minutes outside the city as she has been unable to find accommodation.

Leslee Crowe (27) told the Irish Independent she has been searching for somewhere to live for three months now, but desperation has led her to consider staying in a caravan.

"I've looked at Gumtree, Daft, Facebook groups, I've messaged people that I know who have lived in Galway for years.

"I can't find anyone to let me stay on their couch because somebody else is staying on their couch already, or their landlord won't let them," she explained.

"I'm now considering living in a mobile home, a caravan, 40 minutes outside of Galway so that I can go to college."

Even though she's originally from Mullingar, Ms Crowe has been living and working abroad for the last few years. She is due to start a degree in performing arts and said she has never experienced so much difficulty finding accommodation as she has in Galway.

"I looked for a flat for me and my boyfriend but prices are so high, so I started looking for a room for the two of us," she said. "I had teenagers trying to sub-let rooms for me so they wouldn't have to pay as high a rent.

"I would consider anything at this stage. But I'm a mature student and I have a partner and it's not ideal at all. I need to have a room to close the door and to focus in the evenings.

"I remember going to college in Dublin several years ago and this is just like a flashback."

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