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Government to create new hub to help Ukrainian students continue third-level studies in Ireland


The Government is creating a central helpdesk hub to assist Ukrainian students who want to continue their third-level studies in Ireland.

A panel of experts including guidance counsellors will help direct the students to a local college equipped to meet their educational needs.

Higher Education Minister Simon Harris will tell delegates at the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) annual conference later today that it is expected the helpdesk will be operational next week.

Minister Harris, who registered to take in a family fleeing war-torn Ukraine last month, said facilitating the significant numbers of people arriving is challenging, not least for the education sector.

The plans will help support Ukrainian students who are looking to have their educational qualifications recognised in Ireland.

Mr Harris will say it is vital that our education systems help support teachers, students and researchers who have been displaced.

Some of the other issues he will address at the TUI conference include plans to bring proposals on the future funding for higher education to cabinet in the coming days.

Mr Harris says the Government will expect a reduction in student/lecturer ratio in return for additional investment.

He is also prioritising supporting students with an intellectual disability in participating in higher education.

Mr Harris said plans will have the potential to be “transformational” for people with intellectual difficulties and will open the doors of third-level education to all, but added he can not elaborate further before going to cabinet.

Meanwhile, the Government is also set to look at plans which will shake up the entry process for college courses by providing more places which do not require CAO points.

The proposal forms part of a wider funding and reform plan for the further and higher education system which is expected to go to cabinet soon.

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