Monday 21 October 2019

Top skills for college students

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The key to the success of any college experience is developing 'soft skills'. These skills are acquired in college and are absolutely necessary in the workplace. Everything you learn in college, no matter how small, can lead to a more successful life and career.

"Soft skills are always important to have," says Trayc Keevans, Global FDI Director at Morgan McKinley. "Graduates who have had the benefit of working in a summer job, or participated in an Erasmus programme, will be well positioned to develop very strong soft skills that will be visible to any prospective employer."

These 'soft skills' include:

Problem-solving - In college and the workplace, there may be conflicts between personalities and there may be a situation you need to work through. The ability to develop a solution to a problem within a reasonable time is a skill that employers value.

Communication - This is the top 'soft skill' required as it is needed in every situation you will find yourself in. Communicating effectively, both written and verbally, to get your point across will help you when you need to debate, to give a presentation, to network or to negotiate. This is of utmost importance in the workplace, especially as it is a skill required for job interviews.

Team-player - In college and at work, you will usually be asked to work closely with colleagues or in teams. Learning how to act in a team structure and how to set yourself apart is important for progression anywhere.

Time-management - Getting to class or meetings on time and delivering your projects by the deadline are vital if you want to be successful.

Leadership - In college, you will have the opportunity to show your leadership skills in groups. Being a leader is necessary if you want to progress to a higher role.

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