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Some high points courses see big drops in CAO Round 2


Students at DCU campus. Photo: Mark Condren

Students at DCU campus. Photo: Mark Condren

Students at DCU campus. Photo: Mark Condren

Big drops in high points courses brought CAO second round joy for some students today.

It makes up for the disappointment experienced by many of the highest achieving Leaving Cert candidates who did not receive their desired offer in the first round.

Leaving Cert grades were at record levels this year because of the twin-track approach to assessment, sharpening the competition for college entry.

More than 3,600 CAO applicants received a college offer in CAO Round 2 today and many are celebrating their top course choice.

Overall, it was a mixed bag, with no new offers being made for most courses.

However, at the country’s largest university, UCD, points for 17 of its 38 entry routes fell, and 268 students received an offer of a place.

The largest number of UCD offers, 36, were made for science, with the minimum points required falling 10 to 567.

The largest points falls at UCD were Landscape Architecture, down 28 to 435 and City Planning and Environmental Policy, down 21 to 424.

Among the other UCD courses where offers were made on lower points were business and law, down six to 567 and agricultural science, down 10 to 444.

UCD’s economics and finance programme was one of those where students had to hit the points ceiling of 625 to get a place in CAO Round 1, but random selection applied, so, and even with those points, there was no guarantee of an offer. Today, all remaining applicants on 625 points received an offer.

However, on other UCD high points courses, where random selection applied in the first round, there was still no guarantee of a place today for those achieving the cut-off points. One example is radiography, where the points requirement was 566* (asterisk means random selection of applicants on those points) in Round 1, and it was still 566* today. Points for its actuarial and finance course also held firm at 613*.

At Trinity College Dublin (TCD) offers were also made across a wide range of courses, including music, down from 508 to 477*, psychology, down from 601* to 590, and business, economic and social studies (BESS) down from 577 to 567*.

However, Trinity courses requiring the maximum 625 points, with a random selection asterisk - in the first round, held their ground today. Offers made for both dental science and management science and information systems were still at 625*.

Some of the bigger drops elsewhere included, at NUI Galway, psychology, down from 564 to 555, and arts (drama, theatre and performance studies) down 23 to 430. At the University of Limerick, general nursing dropped from 498* to 487.

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