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'I see places advertised but not for students - I don't know why, I'm here to get a degree, not party'


Gabor Romhanyi (19) from Donegal

Gabor Romhanyi (19) from Donegal

Gabor Romhanyi (19) from Donegal

Gabor Romhanyi (19), from Donegal, claims that it is even harder to get accomodation in the capital now compared with last year - and now that the CAO results have been announced it will only get harder.

He said: "My goal was to find somewhere before the CAO results were announced but I couldn't get anywhere, now there will be a lot more competition to get a place."

The politics, economics and law student in DCU claimed that many rental property advertisements rule out students from renting the house in question.

"The hardest thing is that when I find something within my budget, the first thing I see on the advertisement is that it's not available for students and I don't know why. I mean, I'm in Dublin to get my degree. I'm not here to party or to waste my money - I'm there to get an education," he added.

The Donegal teen receives a grant and works part time to help him get by but still finds it hard to make ends meet at times.

"I get the highest maintenance grant from Susi (€650) so I'll be looking for a house that's €400-€450 so that I can afford food and transport costs for the month, which will only be about €200 so, it's not that much. I work as an events executive for DCU to better support myself," he said.

Gabor has not had to take out a loan so far, but fears he may have to. He said: "Last year I didn't take out a loan, I took out an overdraft of €600, but this year I will definitely need more than that."

He tried to find more work in Dublin, but was unsuccessful, so he moved back to Donegal to save money this summer.

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