Sunday 25 March 2018

10 top tips for a successful first year

Get to know your college librarian.
Get to know your college librarian.

Ten tips to help you on your way through your first year in college.

1 Attend the induction/orientation.

2 Get to know your tutor - they can help you with problems settling in or point you in the right direction.

3 Attend your lectures and tutorials.

4 Not everything is on the timetable - expect to put in 2-3 extra hours per one scheduled hour.

5 Submit everything that is required. It might be only 5pc or 10pc of the module, but if you don't, it may prevent you progressing.

6 Use all the free services available to you - careers teams, counsellors etc.

7 Create allies for yourself. Build a support network of other students and tutors.

8 If you have personal circumstances (bereavement etc), special needs or a learning disability, make sure you get registered early. It will be considered in your results.

9 Love your librarian

10 Jump in. College is so much more than academic results. Aim for balance and remember, what you put in, you will get back.

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