Monday 20 May 2019

The plus in Erasmus means the world to us

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Even if students don't participate in Erasmus+, they reap the benefits.

The programme shares the aims and objectives of the Government's International Education strategy - to prepares students, academics and staff to be engaged participants in an interconnected global world.

The movement of Irish scholars across the continent is not a new phenomenon. It goes back to Irish monks who established places of learning all over Europe from the 6th century. That continued from the 16th century with the establishment of Irish Colleges in places like Paris, Rome, Salamanca and Prague.

In the coming year, over 600 staff - academic, technical, management - in higher education alone, will continue that voyage to share their knowledge and expand their own professional competencies in the process.

Since 2015, this is a truly global experience with the introduction of one of the great "plusses" of the current programme which enables staff to travel to all parts of the planet, with partnerships in places like Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Ghana, Serbia, Lebanon, Chile, Bolivia and Papua New Guinea.

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