Friday 20 April 2018

I'm in higher ed - how do I apply?

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Students who wish to undertake a study visit or traineeship should contact their Erasmus+ Faculty/Department Academic Co-ordinator now to check what offers are available.

For details relating to finance and other practical matters, contact the college International Office.


For study visits, application dates vary from institution to institution. But now would be a good time to start the conversation with academic co-ordinators and the international office.

Study visits (3-12 months) can take place in any study year except first year. However, the application and selection process will start before the end of the academic year prior to departure.

Traineeships (2-12 months) can be undertaken anytime from the end of first year. The application and selection process will also start before the end of the academic year prior to departure.

A traineeship can also be undertaken after graduation where a 12-month window of opportunity is permitted at the end of the Bachelor, Master and PhD cycles.


Mobilities (2/5 days to 2 months) can take place at any time - however it would advisable to contact the International Office now to see what possibilities exist.

Supplementary Supports

Additional financial assistance is available to students and staff with disabilities.

Top-up support is also available to certain categories of students who are in receipt of the higher education grant.

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