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Former UCD students told they will no longer have access to their college email accounts





University College Dublin (UCD) alumni will no longer have access to their email accounts from January 2023.

Alumni were previously able to use their university account for life, including Google Drive storage space, however the university announced that it will be ceasing this service due to low usage. 

Graduates who still use their UCD email address are encouraged to change it as soon as possible.

Those who have documents stored on their Google Drive are also being warned that these must be downloaded before January 10, when alumni will no longer have access to their UCD Google workspace. 

Former UCD students received an email yesterday saying: “This is to notify you that following a recent review of the alumni email service, the University Management Team has made a decision that this service will no longer be offered after January 10 2023.

“This change is being implemented due to low usage of the service, potential security issues with unprotected accounts, GDPR requirements and ongoing costs that are not financially viable for the university."

It added that alumni will still retain access to their UCD Connect Account to access other online services.

This includes the SISWeb Alumni Portal and graduates will be able to access Brightspace for six months after they graduated. 

“We will be in touch with you again closer to the time of the removal of your account,” the email said.

"However, we do urge you to take action now to ensure that you do not lose any data that may be important to you.”

Former UCD students expressed disappointment at the move.

One ex-student wrote on Twitter: “Is this real? Apparently UCD is deleting all alumni email accounts? We were promised lifetime access, so I made it my main email address and cloud storage. We aren’t even given an option to pay to keep it?”

Another said: “Does anyone know if there's a way to view all of the various accounts my gmail is attached to now that UCD are removing it. Have been using this email for the better part of a decade and cannot imagine how many important things are linked to it.”

And another said: “From Jan 23 I'll be redirecting the @ucddublin rep cold-calling me 3-4x a week for alumni donations to my UCD email they've just now deactivated after telling us we'd have it for life.”

However, others were less sympathetic, with one saying: “Why is it only ever TCD or UCD alumni who STILL use their email 10+ years on. Do you think it brings some sort of status?”

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