Tuesday 24 October 2017

Five signs that may mean your child is not settling in their new school

If any of the following are continuing beyond the first month, or change considerably from their norm, it may be a sign that your child is feeling anxious or is struggling to settle. Naturally, any one of these alone is not, definitively, a sign that school is the issue, but in the context of starting something new, they are good signs that something is still distressing your child.


Trouble getting to sleep or more frequent waking in the night is often a sign of anxiety or stress in children.

Tummy Aches

Increases in tummy complaints, especially in the mornings, may be your child's way of trying to avoid school. It may also be that the butterflies in their tummy, from the anxiety, is actually uncomfortable and painful.

Avoiding school

A marked, or new, reluctance to go to school is a sign that they aren't happy there. Many children are reluctant to go to school so you do have spot if it is above and beyond the norm. Coming home from school upset also tells you that they aren't happy.

More arguments

A noticeable increase in rows and arguments with your child could be linked to higher levels of stress generally. Think how easy it is for you to be grumpy if you are worried about something. Grumpiness may also just be a sign of tiredness, which can be expected in the early days.

Social Isolation

Withdrawal from, or a reluctance to play with friends may be another sign that your child is struggling. Often, if they are finding it hard to fit in, they may pull back from friends entirely.

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