Monday 23 October 2017

Your CAO 2014 questions and answers

How does a student accept an offer if they have been lucky enough to get one this morning?

You log on to with your details and press ‘accept’.

Now you may have two options, so you may want to take a bit of time.

So you have a week to think, but make sure you have accepted it by Friday just to be on the safe side.

You will immediately get back an email from the CAO saying that your acceptance has been noted.

If a student accepts that offer, will they be ruled out of further offers?

They certainly will not.

What will happen is if they accept their second choice, they’re out of the running for anything below it because the CAO are trying to please with your highest preference offer.

However, if the first preference course does come down in points, you will be offered it.

Any student that becomes eligible for a course will receive an offer.

What about a student who has received an offer but is not too sure they want to take it this year?

In this case, you don’t accept it as we just said.

You contact the college in question directly seeking permission to defer your course.

Now that’s usually done by email but you need to ring the admissions office and they will to tell you to email with your reasons as to why you are deferring it. Most of the time, it is accepted so they’ll hold your course for you.

And even if the points go up for that course, they have held and guaranteed that course for you so that’s a very good option for people to consider.

You do not accept or reject with the CAO, you deal with the college or university directly.

For a student who is considering the appeals process, how do they approach the CAO? What happens if their appeal is successful and what happens to their offers?

If the appeal is upheld – although that won’t be known until October – the results will be amended and sent immediately to the CAO office and offers will come out again.

Sometimes if a course is full, or has restricted entry such as a veterinary course, you may have to wait a year.

However, a lot of colleges and universities will do whatever possible to offer these students their courses of preference in October.

A student has calculated their points and it appears different to the points beside their CAO course. What has happened there?

In many cases, the students have miscalculated. They can only count their top six grades.

Students should also remember that bonus points from honours maths will only apply if the maths is within the top six grades. If it isn’t, you lose your bonus points.

After a student accepts their offer, what will happen next?

That acceptance will then be sent to the college of their choice and they will be sent a welcome pack from the college in the coming days. This will inform them of their registration dates – these dates are important to note because if you don’t register in time, you will incur extra fees for late registration.

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