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Youngsters face breath tests as the post-exam parties begin


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Teenagers will be breathalysed to check whether they have been drinking alcohol at some Junior Certificate results parties tonight.

Kilkenny No Name Club is hosting an event at The Hub for anyone who is receiving their results, regardless of whether they are a No Name Club member.

Club chairman Shane Doyle was confident the night would pass without trouble because staff would be breathalysing anyone they think had been drinking.

He said: "We've been using the breathalysers for three or four years, we have two that I bought over the internet from a UK-based company.

"If someone fails the test we tend to take them to the side and wait with them until their parents come to collect them, we wouldn't let them off on their own."

Alcohol watchdog Drinkaware has warned students the earlier they begin drinking, the more of an affect it will have on their mental health.

Dr Liam Twomey, chief medical officer with the group, said "parents need to talk honestly" with their children.

A range of alcohol-free parties are happening - including at Tamango and The Wright Venue in Dublin, as well as The Hub in Kilkenny and Neptune Stadium in Cork.

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