Monday 20 May 2019

WATCH: What not to say to a Leaving Certificate student

Jason Kennedy

Have you a stressed-out exam student in your house?

While you might think your words of encouragement will help them through this tricky period, you might be doing more harm than good.

We spoke to students in Loreto College and the Institute of Education to find out what are the most annoying things people say to them.

Terenure local Ciara Lacey has some stern words for people trying to make small talk with her about her exams.

"We're told all the time that 'it'll fly be and it'll be over in a week or two', but you don't know yourself unless your the actual one doing your Leaving Cert," she said.

"People don't undestand. Yeah, they did it a fair few years ago, but they don't really get it in this day and age."

Ciara Redmond from Ashbourne has been offered plenty of encouraging words, but she is still nervous.

"My parents tell me that I've been working and it'll be fine, but what if it all doesn't work out?

"It's just so scary."

Watch the video about to hear all the cliches students are sick of hearing.

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