Tuesday 12 December 2017

WATCH: What are Leaving Cert students most looking forward to after the dreaded exams?

Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Dreaming of the Euros 2016 is getting the boys at Belvedere College through the last of their Leaving Cert exams.

The Leaving Cert students spoke to Independent.ie about their Senior Cup win and their eagerness to ditch the studying to watch the Euros.

Neil Minogue who played as a sub on the rugby team that won the Leinster Schools Rugby Senior Cup said that winning was the highlight of his year.

“It was the greatest thing ever,” he said. “It was definitely the highlight of my year.”

While Neil spent his weekend studying for exams he’s dreaming of his future in Australia.

“I’m heading over to Australia for a programme with the school, there’s seven of us going over to work in a school over there.”

Ryan Kavanagh had a “hectic” weekend of studying and is looking forward to spending his weekends watching the Euros 2016 games rather than studying.

While student Mark Kelly seems to have found a balance between studying and finding time to watch the games.

Both agree that winning the Senior Cup was their highlight of the Leaving Cert year.

“It wasn’t just about the lads on the team; it was about the whole community. The last time we won it was in 2008 so it was a big deal,” said Ryan.

“It brings the whole school together, it was great,” said Mark.

The boys have plans to go on holiday for Croatia to forget the pressures of the exams.

“It’s a huge pressure for someone who hasn’t even reached 18. It’s huge pressure to know what you want to do with your life already,” said Ryan.

Mark agreed saying:  “It’s really just a memory-test at the end of the day.”

Student Conor Howard is looking forward to catching up on sleep and going to music festivals to forget the Leaving Cert pressure.

“I think some pressure comes from individual people because they’re going for high points.  It’s good to have some pressure. I think it depends on the person but in general it’s good to have a bit of pressure,” he said.

Conor said that the huge amount of work made spending time with his classmates better.

“Spending time with friends is more special. I’d say that’s been the highlight just talking during classes with my friends,” he said.

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