Tuesday 22 January 2019

WATCH: 'In twenty years that never happened' - students react to first Leaving Cert exam

Students of Loreto College, Dublin react to the first of three weeks of exams

Students began their first exams today. Photo: Stock image

Kyle Ewald

After months of hours spent in and outside of the classroom, studying, prepping and cramming for the inevitable arrival of Leaving Cert exams, 55,770 students took to classrooms and examination centres across the country to face their first exam.

Testing began at 9.30am this morning for English Paper 1 in over 5,223 exam centres. This year’s state-wide testing will cover 91 subjects, including higher, ordinary and foundation levels.


Independent.ie spoke to students from Dublin’s Loreto College about their experience tackling the first of what will be a series of exams in the next three weeks. The general consensus from students was the first English paper was relatively straight forward, with a minor surprise of topics expected to be in English paper 2 cropping up in today’s exam.

One girl told Independent.ie: "There are questions on English Paper 2 about the poetry and the comparative and that came up today on Paper 1, that doesn't normally happen, it was weird."

Her friend added: "There was a girl who said she looked through papers from the past twenty years and that never happened."

Overall students seemed relieved to have their first exam over with and most agreed that it went well.

"I thought it went really well, everything that I prepared for came up so I'm happy, it wasn't too bad, I think it went okay.

English Paper 2 will commence state-wide tomorrow at 2:00 pm and exams will continue through until June 22.

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