Sunday 18 March 2018

Unhappy with results? Then view your scripts

Viewing Exam Scripts

Fail rates in maths among Leaving Certificate ordinary-level students have bounced back up to almost 10pc this year. Stock Image: GETTY
Fail rates in maths among Leaving Certificate ordinary-level students have bounced back up to almost 10pc this year. Stock Image: GETTY

There are a number of reasons why a candidate may choose to view their exam scripts. Examiners may make mistakes, so candidates who are unhappy with their results in any way should take this opportunity to view their papers.

It can offer reassurance and understanding of where marks were gained and lost, and an opportunity to point out any errors in how marks were awarded or totted.

If candidates collected their results from school, they should have also received a personalised form that enables them to request to view their scripts. Candidates are entitled to view as many of their scripts as they wish and there is no charge.

In order to do so, candidates should return the form to their exam centre - normally their school - outlining which subject they would like to view. This should be done no later than next Tuesday, August 23.

There will be three sessions for viewing scripts - evening, morning and afternoon over September 2 and 3 - and candidates will be advised which one to attend.

The candidate must be present and may also be accompanied by another person. If possible, it is helpful to have someone who is familiar with the marking scheme and how it is applied. Many students are accompanied by their parent or a teacher. This does not necessarily need to be the student's own teacher but if a student would like to ask a teacher to accompany them, ensure they are given plenty of notice as, understandably, they may not be available over the weekend.

Marking schemes are also made available on the day of the viewing, to assist understanding in how the paper has been marked.

If the mark awarded for the paper is different from the one showing in the Leaving Cert results, then it is likely an administration error has occurred. Candidates should immediately speak to the organising teacher or school principal as this can be rectified without going through the appeals procedure, although it is wise to follow up by submitting a formal appeal. The State Examinations Commission (SEC) will contact the CAO and inform them of the change.

Next, students should check that all pages have been marked in full, as sometimes an examiner may accidentally skip sections or pages. Then students should add up all the marks and check that the total is correct. Finally, check through the answers and compare this to the marking scheme.

While practical, oral and aural work will not be available, they will be re-marked if the candidate decides to proceed with an appeal.

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