Friday 23 March 2018

'Topics such as homelessness, housing, poverty and gender' - No surprises with Leaving Cert Home Economics Higher Level

A content heavy course Stock Image
A content heavy course Stock Image

Katherine Donnelly Education Editor

For such a content heavy course, the Leaving Certificate Home Economics Higher Level paper was very fair, with no surprise”, according to one teacher.

"Topics that appeared such as homelessness, housing, poverty and gender were all very current and relevant,” said Sandra Cleary of Dublin’s Institute oF Education.

She said there was a nice, broad selection of  short questions that were clearly phrased, and had no ambiguities, although students who  put effort in to learning complex bio-chemistry diagrams might have been disappointed that this topic didn’t come up.

She thought candidates might have been surprised Question 2 on fish and vitamin D, which have not featured for a number of years.

Ms Cleary described  Question 3 on freezing and packaging as very manageable,  while Question 4 on consumer studies and Question 5 on challenges experienced by a parent of a child with special needs  wre  topical.

Housing came up in Elective 1,  while in Elective 3,  students had an opportunity to  discuss the social and economic reasons why poverty continues to exist in today’s society.

Ms Cleary described the Ordinary level paper as fair and accessible, with short questions that were particularly straight forward.

Topical things like lipids, budgeting and marriage appeared.

However, she thought the  lective 1, (part c) question , which asked students to discuss rental accommodation increases in certain areas, may have proved a little tricky for some.

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