Saturday 24 August 2019

TK Whitaker memo 'was a welcome sight'


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There was a general welcome for the Leaving Cert history papers, with higher-level candidates greeted with "two good documents" in the first section, according to Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland (ASTI) subject representative Philip Irwin.

The documents-based question dealt with the First Programme for Economic Expansion 1958-1963 and the texts were a memo from TK Whitaker, secretary of the Department of Finance, to James Ryan, the new minister for finance, on his first day in office and an edited extract from a report on the Irish economy by a Bank of England official who visited Ireland later in 1957.

Mr Irwin noted Q3, asking whether the Whitaker letter was written for publication at that time, describing it as a good question with plenty of material for students to draw on for their answer.

In Irish history, he thought the question on Anglo-Irish relations was "very long" and one for which students would want a "very good grasp" of the topic

Mr Irwin had no quibble with the ordinary-level paper.

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