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The Leaving Cert, Libyan style


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38 students will receive their Leaving Cert results in the Libyan capital Tripoli today.

The exams have been held in the north African country at the International School of Martyrs since 1997.

The principal of the school there approached the Department of Education in 1990 about the possibility of using the Leaving Cert structure.

According to the State Examinations Commission (SEC), it wanted a broad-based, internationally regarded examination system and selected the Irish system in favour of the International Baccalaureate or the British GCSE system.

The syllabus was first taught in September 1995.

In 2011 the exams were not held as it was decided it was not feasible due to the political unrest stemming from the Arab Spring movement

Figures from the SEC show that 38 Libyan-educated students sat the exams this year.

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