Saturday 18 November 2017

Ten memory tricks to help you study for your exams

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

As you enter the final revision phase ahead of your exams, you might be approaching information overload.

Cramming in more information might seem like an impossible task. Maybe you've memorised tonnes of chemistry definitions for the hundredth time, but they're still not sticking.

Alan Cox, Principal of Temple Carrig School in Greystones gives us some tips on how to memorise reams of information.

“Everyone can have a great memory. Memory is like fitness. Train it and it will improve,” he says.

“Memory tricks can help you cheat and perform amazing feats of memory beyond anything you could possibly believe.”

1. Visualise the exam centre when memorising

This little self-hypnosis trick will help the information come back to you easier when you’re there.

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2. Make flashcards to study

You can get someone to quiz you then.

3. Break up any clunky material into chunks.

Eg. Remember the counties of Ireland by breaking them into provinces.


4. Acronyms

Use the first letters of each word to form a new word

Eg. Colours of the rainbow: ROY G BIV

5. Sentences

Use the first letter of each word to form a sentence

Eg: Billy Vomits Constantly after Mouldy Pies

(Bacteria, Virus, Chemicals, Metals, Poisons)

6. Make the material into a poem or a song

Rihanna at the Billboard Music Awards 2016

7. Mind Maps

Ayrton Kelly from St Eunan's College, Letterkenny makes mind maps for poetry. Photo: Ayrton Kelly

Some students find mind maps and spider diagrams very helpful

8. Practice:

Remember three items, then add in a fourth. When you can remember them, add a fifth item, etc.

9. The Ancient Locus Method:

Imagine a route with lots of rooms/landmarks.

At each point, remember one item.

Make the images vivid and funny.

10. Understand the material

If you understand the material, you’re more likely to remember it

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