Wednesday 21 February 2018

Recheck could upgrade you to a preferred CAO course

Appealing results

After all the hard work the payoff arrives today
After all the hard work the payoff arrives today

Aoife Walsh

Any candidate may appeal a Leaving Certificate grade, on one or more exam papers. During the appeals process, the entire exam will be re-marked according to the marking scheme.

It is not essential to view scripts before applying for a recheck but it is a good idea.

Candidates may request a recheck online or complete the appeal form, which is available from the centre where they sat their exams .

While there is no charge to view scripts, there is a fee of €40 to appeal a Leaving Cert (established) subject and €15.50 for a Leaving Certificate Applied subject, which must be paid in advance by Bank Giro or an internet payment form.

Appeals must be received by the State Examination Commission (SEC) no later than September 7. Therefore candidates should return the appeal form to the school no later than Monday September 5 or early Tuesday September 6 so the principal can approve the appeal and forward it in good time.

Candidates should return a copy of the appeal application to the school even if they apply on the internet so any exam work being stored by the school can be returned to the examiner's office.

It is very important to consider the reasons why you believe your grade is incorrect. These reasons should be outlined in the AP1 form, whichis available during the viewing process.

This will mean that the examiner reviewing your script will have to address each of these issues when re-marking the script and also address them when outlining the reasons for awarding an upgrade, or not, as the case may be.

The AP1 form must be completed outside the viewing room. This can be difficult for students as they are not permitted to bring pens into the viewing area, or take photographs etc. (See viewing exam scripts, opposite page).

The appeal results are released in October. At this stage, candidates can, once again, view their papers and the new marks and, if still not satisfied, the matter will be referred to the Appeals Scrutineers.

There is information on the appeals process in the SEC candidate information booklet 2016. Candidates may have already received a copy of this booklet from their school. If not it is available at

If a student is upgraded as a result of an appeal, the SEC will inform the CAO of the change. Students who missed out on an offer due to this mistake will receive that offer. A student has an entitlement to a place in the current year, but sometimes and depending on the course, a college may suggest deferring.

If the student has already enrolled in another higher education course, they can choose to move or remain in the course they have already begun.

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