Monday 23 April 2018

Now that the results are out, we answer some CAO FAQs

Students taking exams in college
Students taking exams in college

How do I calculate my CAO points?

IN order to calculate your CAO points first convert all your grades to their points value.

Then, add together the best six subjects for points. It is important to add the six highest points subjects and not the six highest grade subjects.

For example, a student may have achieved a D3 in higher level maths and this may be their lowest grade. However, due to the 25 bonus points available, a D3 in higher level maths is worth 70 points, which is more points than a student will receive for an ordinary level subject or a C or D grade in another higher level subject.

Students should also ensure that they only calculate their best six subjects to avoid disappointment later.

When I will I find out if I have enough points for my CAO course?

The CAO will issue Round One offers next Monday, August 18, at 6 a.m and students will not know until then that the points will be for any course.

College admission officers are now working with the CAO to allocate places.

Points are based on the number of places on a course, the demand for them and how well applicants have performed in the Leaving Certificate in a particular year. If more applicants with high points have a course as a top choice that drives points up.

Students can see the final points for all courses in the Irish Independent's Going to College supplement on Monday.


The deadline for new student grant  applications to SUSI was August 1. Does that mean that you are too late to apply now?

No, SUSI is still accepting applications for the 2014/2015 year. Those applications received by SUSI before August deadline will receive priority processing.

Do students have to wait until they have been offered a course place before applying?

No. Students can, and should, apply to SUSI now. SUSI will get course information directly from the CAO for those students who have filled out the CAO form and ticked the option on the form for SUSI. Students who have not ticked the SUSI option through the CAO can submit a Final Course Acceptance form to SUSI when they have been offered, and accepted, a college place.

What are the most common mistakes that SUSI are seeing with applications?

Some students are providing incorrect PPSN numbers for themselves and/or incorrect dates of birth for other parties to their applications, such as parents.

When can students expect to receive their first payments?

The first payment will in October, after colleges confirm to SUSI that a student is registered and attending

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