Wednesday 21 March 2018

Leaving Cert Music: Students happy that all questions were in a major key

Photo: Getty Images. Picture posed.
Photo: Getty Images. Picture posed.
Katherine Donnelly

Katherine Donnelly

Leaving Certificate higher level music students would have been happy that all  questions on the composing paper  were in the major key, said teacher Susan McCormick.

Overall, Ms McCormick, of the Institute of Education, Dublin said it was “a fair and manageable paper”.

She said Question One, the melody question, had an upbeat question which was to be expected, although the length of the upbeat may have thrown some students.

“The question was very similar to one that came up in 2014, so if students had studied their past papers they’d be fine.“ .

Ms McCormick described  Question Five, harmony, was very straightforward, in both chord choice and baseline, “with the exception of Bar 14, which posed a challenge to find a suitable cord progression”.

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