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Leaving Cert Irish: No shocks... but still no An Gnáthrud



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A paper with no nasty shocks, but anyone banking on An Gnáthrud making an appearance in the prose section for the first time in the eight years since this course was introduced is still waiting.

Teachers' Union of Ireland (TUI) subject representative Ruth Morrissey liked the paper and she said that after some challenges with essay titles in Paper 1, the students' mood picked up yesterday when they saw Paper 2, which deals with literature.

While An Gnáthrud did not appear, the widely anticipated Dís did, and she said the question on Sean's wife was "quite broad and allowed them good scope to illustrate their knowledge".

The continuing absence of An Gnáthrud from the paper would nearly make you "want to throw your hat at it", she joked, but added "students can never take risks, there are five poems and five stories and you have to do them all. There is no room for guesswork and taking chances".

Ms Morrissey, who teaches at St Michael's Community College, Kilmihil, Co Clare, said the questions on the comprehension texts, which dealt with Countess Markievicz and research and exploration in space, were fair, although she thought some of the terminology in the texts was challenging.

She described the An Triail question as broad, but "very fair and doable".

Samantha Hogan, a teacher at Yeats College, Galway, praised the "very straightforward wording" in the prose, poetry and novel sections and said "the exam will reward students who have an excellent knowledge of all prescribed topics on the course and will catch out students who have decided to cut the course".

Ms Morrissey said the ordinary level paper "hit the nail on the head".

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