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Leaving Cert Economics: Challenging paper with lots of topics outside textbooks


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STUDENTS were required to have knowledge of a wide range of topical issues outside of their textbooks for the Leaving Certificate Economics Higher Level paper, according to Ray O’Loughlin, a teacher at Dublin’s Institute of Education.

Overall, he described it as “a fairly well-balanced paper that gave good scope to hard working students to showcase their knowledge and ability.

But, he thought many students would have had difficulty with the amount of non-textbook material.

Mr O’Loughlin said there was a reasonable choice in  Section A and and students would have been “able to get six good questions here.”

It was in Section B that he regarded some of the topics as  very demanding and requiring independent knowledge.

For instance, Q1c, which asked students to discuss whether there should there be a rent ceiling for private rented accommodation, “while very topical, was also very challenging”.

Similarly, he thought Q2c,  about whether Irish Water should be regulated was “very demanding”.

Students were asked about  the economic impact of recent Central Bank mortgage restrictions on the property market  in Q5b, and, again, Mr O’Loughlin thought this a demanding theme, while  he described Q5c , about the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland as “a tricky topic”.

However, he thought Q3, on costs, Q7 on national income and  Q8 on government as” well-balanced, accessible questions which students would have welcomed”.

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