Saturday 21 April 2018

Learning to live without Mum and Dad

Why 'helicopter parents' need to learn to clip their wings...

David Broderick
David Broderick

David Broderick

The college years are a time for parents to let their children go and for students to learn to live without Mammy and Daddy.

In my own role I send graduates around the world with some of the top companies from a range of industries. We rarely have issues but, when they do arise 99pc happen in the first few weeks.

Why? Because something has happened or a manager has made an observation and the graduate has not been able to handle it. A product of the Generation Y era is helicopter parenting.

These parents hover over their children telling them how amazing they are all the time.

You need to remember that when you get out into the real world you will have to work hard to prove yourself and compete with other qualified graduates.

College can be your first step into the real world, use it to build up your resilience!

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