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JC Religious Education: Tricky question on religious ceremony


Priest (stock photo)

Priest (stock photo)

Priest (stock photo)

Probably a bit more challenging than usual, but overall, the Junior Certificate Religious Education Higher Level paper was "fair enough", according to one teacher.

Jane Craig Elliott, St Patrick's College, Cavan and the ASTI, said the short questions, picture questions and Section Three were fine, but one or two of the Section Four long questions were difficult.

In one example, she said students were asked to write about a religious ceremony, such as for a marriage or death, of one world religion, which "they would be well able to do".

But then, there was a second part, for 18 marks, where they were asked about the same ceremony in another religion, and "most students study only one".

Ms Craig Elliott also had a quibble about phrasing in an essay question, where they were asked to "assess", which might have thrown some weaker candidates.

But she described the ordinary level paper as "super, really straightforward, and some questions were a gift".

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