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Irish Paper 2 was 'possibly one of the easiest in recent years'


Some candidates learnt the dangers of predicting questions

Some candidates learnt the dangers of predicting questions

Some candidates learnt the dangers of predicting questions

Possibly one of the easier papers in recent years was how teacher Clare Grealy described the Leaving Certificate higher level Irish Paper 2.

In Question 1, Ms Grealy said students would be familiar with the content of the first comprehension, which dealt with the foundation and development of TG4,

While  the second comprehension, on the war in Syria and the plight of refugees, may have proved slightly more challenging,  it was quite manageable, she said.  “Students who kept up to date with what’s going on in the world, would have had a better chance of understanding it,

Although there were a “quite a lot of questions to answer in both comprehensions, with many split in to a number of sub-questions” but they were accessible” said Ms Grealy of the Institute of Education, Dublin

In the prose section, she said the story An Gnáthrud would have been widely anticipated but didn’t feature. Hurlamaboc appeared instead and she said it would be important for students to have ensured that their answer covered all three of these aspects-life, family and house.

In poetry, according to Ms Grealy, the widely anticipated Geibheann appeared and “the question was by far the simplest that has appeared to date".

She continued: "While the poem is metaphorical and allegorical, neither of these two issues were asked. Instead, students got a very simple question on contrast.  A personal question, asking students about the impact the poem had on them, “ was very versatile and could have been adapted to anything."

In Question 4, on additional literature, one of the shorter poems, Éiceolaí featured and Ms Grealy said it was  "widely regarded as one of the easiest of the five  poems” and the main question was very straight forward.

She thought the question on An Trial was very narrow, dealing with only one character.

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